Up to $75M in FDIC insurance. Diversify your cash & eliminate bank run risk.

Flexbase treasury, fdic insurance
Flexbase treasury, fdic insurance

How Flex Treasury Works

Connect Existing Accounts & Move Funds

Connect your existing banking accounts to Flex Treasury and move funds. We'll take it from there.

1 Flexbase login, 400+ FDIC insured banks

Flex Treasury partners with 400+ FDIC insured banks and supports you opening as many accounts necessary to maximize FDIC insurance.

Maximum Safety

All deposits, up to $75M, are fully insured by the FDIC/NCUA. No more bank run anxiety.

Flexbase, banking and credit solution for your business

Earn up to 4.4% Yield

Flex Treasury will manage your funds across +400 banks so that we maximize your interest yield while ensuring max FDIC insurance


Next-day liquidity.

Quick access to your cash with no transaction fees or redemption gates.

Flexbase, banking and credit solution for your businessFlexbase, banking and credit solution for your business

A simple, transparent dashboard

Flex Treasury has a simple interface that allows you to know exactly where your cash is. No confusion.