We manage your payments in construction

Boost your cashflow. Get paid faster. No more missed payments. Focus on growing your business.

Flexbase is free to use up to 5 projects. After that, Flexbase charges $150/project/month to manage it for you with a dedicated accountant.
And when you need short term funds, our Flexbase Cards product gives you short term relief. You can pay your suppliers, workers, and more using the card for 0% interest for 60 days.
We act like accountants and lawyers in one, acting with your best interest. To get you paid. To pay your subs and supplier. To manage lien waivers and insurance. Effortlessly.

Flexbase manages your payments. Both in and out.

Our mission? Get you paid in less than 7 days on average.

Construction companies get paid in 100 days, on average.
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What you currently feel like trying to get paid:
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What getting paid feels like with Flexbase Payments:

Flexbase Payments get you paid 10x faster through construction-specific software:

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Stay on track with your spending and income

Actually see your profits. Get clear insights into future cash flow with precision. Don't steal from Peter to pay Paul.

Manage subcontractors and workers.

Pay, when paid in one-click. Make payments to your subcontractors. Check their insurance and any lien waivers. And (very soon), make project-by-project payroll automatically.

Collect and make payments

Get paid in 5 clicks. Complete with automated reminders and our team sending out legal notices if needed.

The more you use Flexbase, the more credit you receive.

Flexbase is revolutionanizing credit in construction offering 60 day payment terms with 0% interest. The more we know about your cashflow, the more credit we can give you. You get awarded for doing things right.
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Flexbase Payments is as easy as using Gmail.

We’ve created the mobile experience for you to comfortably see your company’s stats in real-time. See current cash, available credit, payable and receivable — all you need.

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Resolve questions in ⚡ minutes. 24/7 for automated requests.

Our solution works both on web platform and mobile application. Start your conversation and proceeed anywhere.

Get your common questions answered in seconds with clear, step-by-step instructions to resolve ASAP.

24/7 support with a real person (in both native English and Spanish!) if your question is more complicated.

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