Increase online sales through (literally) one click

Make your customers’ lives easier. Increase orders and spend. Boost your bottom line. No credit risk.
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Happy clients, happy life.


Significantly increases GMV for your brand

When your customers have financial flexibility that aligns with their business to “buy now and pay 60 days later”, they’ll buy more from you, noticeably increasing GMV.

You still get paid upfront with “buy now, pay 60 days later”

When a customer uses Flexbase to “buy now, pay 60 days later” you, as the merchant, get paid 100% instantaneously. We work our magic on the back-end.
Easy to Use

Easy for your customers to activate

Your customers won't miss a beat in the checkout process on your website. Our user experience seamlessly integrates with the checkout process on your site.

No credit or financing risk for your business

Flexbase individually underwrites your clients and we incur any risk.

Encourage financial flexibility with your customers and they’ll add more to their cart

How Flexbase Works for Online Suppliers?

With the click of a button, you can increase revenue.
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Customers click our "Buy Now. Pay in 60 Days." button

Simple as a click on your product pages and/or checkout cart.
Application process

Customer goes through an easy, 3-minute application process

They  can leave the application and pay by card as well.

Customer gets approved and you get paid immediately

You don’t have any risk and get your money immediately!
Not sure how all it works?
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