Your vehicles run on fuel

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0% Interest for 60 Days*

Your construction business runs on cash flow.
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The Flexbase Card is built with things you need

to help your business grow
Interest Free
Zero fee
60 days to pay
on EVERY purchase
(not just fuel)

When you buy with the Flexbase card, you get 60 days, 0% interest* to pay for

Fleet maintenance
Equipment rentals

Got a bunch of employees driving around & buying materials?

Easily issue cards for them in seconds (for free).
Easily see employee spend data
Set spending limits per employee
Easily issue virtual or physical cards

Receipt tracking from dozens of gas stations or supply stores per week a pain in your a**?

This is how it works…

Swide card
Snap photo of receipt
Assign to a project
Integrate with expense management software error-free
Voilà, the finance team is happy.

We’re here to make life a whole lot easier.

0% interest 60 days to pay*
On every purchase your business makes
It’s that simple.
We are here to make life a whole lot easier.

60 Day Billing Cycle 0% interest*

For all your company vehicles
For all your employees
For all your supplies & materials
Oh, did we mention it’s for ALL purchases, not just fuel?
I’m ready for a game-changer.

I need 60 days 0% interest* for my business

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