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Cashflow in as an electrician sucks.

What’s Happening Now

Waiting 30-60 days to get paid for a job, after having paid upfront for all the supplies, materials, fuel, etc...

Causing you to pay tons of interest cutting into your profits.

The Better Solution

Getting 60 days 0% interest* to pay for anything purchased with the Flexbase card.

Construction companies' success is balanced on cashflow.

Cashflow is balanced on spending.
A lot of spending is done on credit cards.
Current credit cards only gives you 30 days to pay.
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When you buy with the Flexbase card, you get 60 days, 0% interest* to pay for

The work you do impacts people's lives
In a very direct way
That's why we’re providing you working capital you need
For free
For 60 days
So you can grow your business
"I'm very pleased with Flexbase. The ease of use and the instant card reload upon payment is major! Also, I love the organization of purchases and job numbers. Very simple"
Reggie, Master Electrician
Owner of Complete Tech
"My father-in-law got an email and sent it over to me just talking about Flexbase. And I was like, oh, it's perfect. Because you know, it works on basically how we as construction businesses get paid."
TJ, HVAC Specialist
Owner of AC Ductologist

We’re here to make life a whole lot easier.

0% interest 60 days to pay*
Up to 10x the credit limit for your business
It’s that simple.

Us vs other credit card companies



60 days to pay
0% interest for 60 days*
30 days to pay
22% interest after 30 days
Builds your business credit
Lose profits to interest fees
Keep your hard-earned money on the “free float”
No expense management features
Damages your personal credit
Expense management and receipt tracking built in
Made for the average business
Designed for electricians, like you
I’m ready for a game-changer.

I need 60 days 0% interest* for my business

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