0% interest for 60 days*
Up to 10x credit limits
Painless receipt tracking

for the builders who are building America.

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Finally. A card built for construction
companies like you.

Flexbase credit card

0% interest for 60 days*

You have 60 days to pay off your transactions at 0% interest. Gives you peace of mind to run your business.

Track receipts by project

Easily track receipts in seconds. Organize by projects with the click of a button. Easier than using Gmail.

Up to 10x the credit

We give you credit based on your future invoices, not your personal credit score.

Get paid faster

Upgrade to Flexbase Payments to quickly file, track, and collect invoices. Deliver compliant pay apps and legal notices with a few clicks.

Flexbase management

0% interest for 60 days* means:

Fewer liens and loans
Fewer pay-when-paid disputes
Less time battling A/R or A/P
More cash on hand
More profit
More business

There’s a 99% chance  you’re personally liable on your other cards.

Here are just some of the personal assets your other cards can seize:
They can seize your house
They can seize your house
They can seize your truck
They can seize your truck
They can seize your personal bank account
They can seize your personal bank account

With Flexbase, you’re not personally liable so you can  sleep better.

The cost of having poor cashflow as a construction company

Regular bank Credit card
Regular company
Company with Flexbase
60 days to pay, 0% interest*
Receipt tracking technology built in
Strictly for construction companies
$0 annual fee and no security deposit
Up to 10x credit limits
You're not personally liable
Flexbase credit card

Crumpled receipts?
No worries, we’ll


Our new receipt recognition algorithm is something you haven't seen before. Even if your receipt is crumpled, dirty or blurry, our software gets it right.