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60 days to pay, 0% interest for construction

10x credit limits. No personal guarantee. The perfect card for a growing building business like yours.

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Construction companies using Flexbase platform

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We help all construction companies and trades.
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0% interest for 60 days for your building business could mean:

Point one

Buying supplies now, paying later

Right now you likely have 30 day payment terms on your credit card. Imagine if you had an extra 30 days.

Point two

More cash

With flexible payment terms, you can hold on to more cash, providing an important financial (and mental) cushion.

Point three

More profit

Our card allows you to grow faster, increasing your opportunity for revenue and profit growth.

Point four

More freedom

With financial flexibility, you're more in control of where your plumbing business goes.

The first credit card designed with the growing building business in mind

concrete works GIF
concrete works GIF
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Finally a credit card for construction like you

0% interest for 60 days

You have 60 days to pay off your transactions at 0% interest. Gives you peace of mind to run your business.

Track receipts by project

Easily track receipts in seconds. Organize by projects with the click of a button. Easier than using Gmail.

10x the credit

We give you credit based on your future invoices, not your personal credit score.

Get paid faster

Upgrade to Flexbase Payments to quickly file, track, and collect invoices. Deliver compliant pay apps and legal notices with a few clicks.

What’s the difference?

Regular credit card
Software management

Regular credit card

Company with Flexbase

Regular expense management

Robust expense management
Receipt tracking technology built in
Strictly for enterprise level construction companies
60 days to pay, 0% interest
Customizable integrations
Up to $5M in credit
Flexbase card and management

Real building companies use Flexbase to grow their business

Steven, builder in Houston, TX
Steven, builder in Houston, TX
Ronnie, a builder in Portland, OR
Ronnie, a builder in Portland, OR
Mitch, a builder in Boise, Idaho
Mitch, a builder in Boise, Idaho
Antonio, builder in Omaha, NE
Antonio, builder in Omaha, NE

Imagine if your receipt tracking processes looked like this...

Point one
Swipe card
Point two
Snap photo of receipt
Point three
Assign to a project
Point four
Integrate with expense management software error-free
Voilà, the finance team is happy.

Cost code syndication & endless integrations coming soon:

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That’s right. The flexbase Card, receipt tracking software, the whole shebang.
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