Spend $1-5M per month on cards for corporate construction? Put your spend on easy mode

Issue thousands of cards in minutes. Close expense reports per jobsite in seconds. Save 4 days per month with auto cost code matching.
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Flexbase platform for enterprises.

A Robust Enterprise Cashflow Solution (Not Just a Card)


Expense management for 1000s of employees

Save 4 days per month to close invoices, create reports per construction project, etc.

Issue unlimited virtual and physical cards for your employees

Get the possibility to issue unlimited virtual cards for your employees — anywhere, anytime. Physical cards 1 per employee.

Granular expense controls per employee and card

For example, set cards to be only used at Home Depot or gas stations. As easy as it sounds. You can limit spending pet employee/category or department.
Steve’s credit limit is $1,000 only used for gasoline

0% interest for 60 days* gives you extra breathing room

Flexbase is revolutionanizing credit in construction offering 60 day payment terms with 0% interest*. The more we know about your cashflow, the more credit we can give you.
Flexbase has lower interest rates than other companies

Right now your receipt tracking & cash flow management processes may:

A mess
Look like this 👀
And feel like this... 💸

Imagine if your receipt tracking processes looked like this...

Point one
Swipe card
Point two
Snap photo of receipt
Point three
Assign to a project
Point four
Integrate with expense management software error-free
Voilà, the finance team is happy.

How much unnecessary time (and $) is your team spending on archaic processes?

Wait a minute to get your position in line.
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Potential monthly savings using Flexbase

What’s the difference?

Regular credit card
Software management

Regular credit card

Company with Flexbase

Regular expense management

Robust expense management
Receipt tracking technology built in
Strictly for enterprise level construction companies
60 days to pay, 0% interest*
Customizable integrations
Up to $5M in credit
Flexbase card and management

Cost code syndication & endless integrations coming soon:

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Start spending today with

That’s right. The flexbase Card, receipt tracking software, the whole shebang.
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