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This is how it works…

Go to Dozr’s website
Find the equipment rental for your business
Choose “Flexbase Pay” during checkout
Get your equipment rental
Pay for your equipment rental in 60 days with 0% interest*
Rent equipment for your business today. Pay in 60 days.
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Rent any type of equipment for your business, no matter where you’re located, in just a few clicks.

Pad Foot
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Smooth Drum
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What is Flexbase Pay?

It's a way to rent equipment today. And pay for it in 60 days. For example, at our partner Dozr you can rent these for 60 days at 0% interest*.
How much can your business benefit from being able to build, bill, and collect payment before you have to pay for the equipment?
Be more profitable on every job you work. With Flexbase Pay.

Don't forget your 0% interest for 60 days* by clicking the "Pay in 60 days with Flexbase" button!