5 Reasons Why the Flexbase Card Is Better Than the One You Are Using

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Zaid Rahman
November 1, 2021

There are several reasons that the Flexbase credit card is the only credit card you should consider for your construction business.

Keep reading to discover the five main reasons you should apply for a Flexbase card today.

#1: The Flexbase Card is a Credit Card Designed Solely For Construction Businesses

It’s no secret that the construction industry is rife with cash flow and credit problems. We have recognized the need for a solution to these problems, especially for smaller construction companies.

The Flexbase card is a credit card on the market that is specifically designed to solve cash flow and credit problems in the construction industry. The Flexbase card isn’t just a card for construction businesses. It’s a comprehensive suite of easy-to-use software for expense tracking, cashflow management, and more.

When it comes to answering the question…  

“What is the best credit card for a construction company?” 

… Our answer is pretty simple:

Flexbase was built strictly for construction companies, solving unique challenges that only you experience.

#2: The Flexbase Card has Up To 10x Higher Credit Limits

The ability to buy equipment now and pay later is essential to keep project timelines moving and avoid delays. Lagging payments from your client and low credit card limits can leave your business in a lurch. 

Unfortunately, traditional credit cards were not designed to solve this problem. While typical credit cards like Amex or Capital One may offer some relief, the credit limits are often not large enough to meet the demands of construction expenses. And if you have bad credit, you’ll have to shell out hefty security deposits to utilize these cards.

The Flexbase card solves this problem by offering up to 10x the credit limit than other credit cards on the market so you can actually keep up with realistic construction expenses. We offer more by basing your credit limit on the amount on your future invoices and business health, not your personal credit score.

#3: You Can Track Receipts By Project

The Flexbase card allows you to ditch the annoying paper trail of collected receipts by allowing you to digitally track receipts and organize them by project.

Here’s how it works:

When one of your workers swipes the Flexbase card at a store, they are prompted to take a photo of the receipt and tag it to a specific project.

Not only do you not have to keep track of a paper trail, but you save dozens and dozens of hours in accounting time with this tagging feature alone.

The receipt history is attached to the client invoice to provide complete transparency on project expenses.

The Flexbase Card’s expense management solution is simple, easier than using Gmail.

#4: There Is No Personal Liability

With traditional credit cards, the owner is personally liable for all expenses charged to the card. However, this is not the case with Flexbase.

If payment for a project falls through, but you have already used the Flexbase card to purchase materials for the project, you are not personally liable for the expenses.


#5: You Don’t Have to Pay a Security Deposit

If your credit is not suberb, which is typical in the construction industry, most credit cards will require you to pay a security deposit for collateral.

When you are already experiencing cash flow problems, shelling out more cash for a security deposit is less than ideal.

At Flexbase, we allow you to keep your cash in your pocket with zero security deposit required.

Apply for the Flexbase Card Today

If you’re ready to solve the cash flow problems in your construction business and not let your bad credit hold you back, sign up for the Flexbase card today.

It takes less than 4 minutes to get approved for a Flexbase card.

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