Business Loan Calculator

If you were to get a business loan, how much would it ACTUALLY cost you? This calculator allows you to toggle the numbers around to see exactly how much your business loan will cost you over time.

Loan Amount
Max of $1M
Annual Percentage Rate (APR)
Max of 30%
Total Interest
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How Business Loans work

Business loans are pretty simple.The loan provider gives you the cash up front for an agreed-upon APR rate. Then, you pay back the principal and interest over time. The time of the loan can be anywhere from months to over a decade, depending on your business’s health, how much the loan is, and more.

Why you should care

Business loans are a big deal and likely have an impact on your business’s financial health. You need to know exactly how much your monthly payment will be and how much that will will cost you over time. Just because the monthly payment seems “low” doesn’t mean that getting the loan is worth it.

Business owners need to have clarity on all the financial implications of getting a business loan.