Business Banking APY Calculator

How much are you earning every month in your business banking? Is it 0.1%? Is it 1%? Or maybe you’re not earning anything at all right now and want to know what your finances could look like if you were to be earning interest on your idle cash. Use the calculator below to find out.

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How Business Banking APY Works

Business banking APY is pretty simple. Whatever idle cash you have sitting in your business banking can earn interest over time.Business banking APY rates can vary depending on the Federal Funds rate and other economic indicators. As a result, rates can change frequently.

Also, your business banking giving you APY interest is not a requirement! So, some business banking options will have you earning 0%. Others might give you 0.2% while some might give you as high as +1%.

Check with your current banking provider to see how much interest you’re earning (if you’re earning any interest at all!).

Why you should care

If your business banking institution is making money off your idle cash, shouldn’t you as well?

By using our business banking APY calculator above, you can easily toggle the numbers around to see what you could be earning.